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is a unique cosmetic/pharmaceutical company dedicated to the satisfaction of personal needs with unique and superior formulations of Skin Care products. ® is a treatment providing itch relief from eczema, plant  poisons and bug bites in accord with FDA regulations.  Epsoma® can be either a lower cost cosmetic product providing relief from skin minor irritations or can be formulated to FDA requirements as a topical drug.  KISS-IT® is an anti-itch antibiotic treatment for minor skin injuries.  Its label reads "Got an Owie? Just KISS-IT®."   Our acne treatments are planned to use the trademarks NIXIT™, NIXZIT™ and ™.  Patent #9,011,934, "Multi-Purpose Anti-Itch Treatment" and other patent applications are in place for these products.



Ray HauserIs the brainchild of Ray L. Hauser, a PhD chemical engineer with four years employment as a rocket scientist (chief materials engineer at Martin-Marietta Corp when the first successful launches of the Titan ICBM were made in 1958), and thirty nine years experience as co-founder and partner (1961-1999) of Hauser Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.  He is named as inventor or co-inventor on 29 U.S. patents. SatisPHARMA, LLC is presently family owned with a female majority.  We anticipate filing a Regulation G offering for major funding of the company at some time in the future.  

Dr. Hauser has frequently experienced topical eczema and actinic keratosis on his legs, particularly each autumn when atmospheric humidity dropped quickly.  He prepared some simple formulations that he thought might be effective in decreasing the itch from these ailments and found that that they were effective.  After leaving the corporate world and working out of a home office/shop/lab, he further refined the formulations and provided samples to family and friends who were pleased to find that they were effective in decreasing painful itching.  He has formalized a company to manufacture and market these lotions to the public.  In his personal experience using these lotions to reduce his itch from actinic keratosis, he has found that the keratosis spots have disappeared and have not caused basal cell carcinoma as had been experienced once previously.


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