Is a unique cosmetic/pharmaceutical company dedicated to the satisfaction of personal needs with unique and superior formulations of Skin Care products.


BRUISE FADEAWAYtm is our first product to market. This is a truly unique cosmetic  formulation that is a small, purse-size roll-on applicator. Most users report that bruises are gone in half the time. With a face powder, it can become an instant mask.

Products in the pipeline include KISS-IT®, a first-aid cream, and Epsoma® and Soothe-It ® anti-itch treatments.


rayhIs the brainchild of Ray L. Hauser, a PhD chemical engineer with four years employment as a rocket scientist (chief materials engineer at Martin-Marietta Corp when the first successful launches of the Titan ICBM were made in 1958), and thirty nine years experience as co-founder and partner (1961-1999) of Hauser Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.  He is named as inventor or co-inventor on 31 U.S. patents. SatisPHARMA, LLC is presently family owned with a female majority.

SATISPHARMA, LLC Started with a focus on skin problems, as experienced by the founder.  We don’t intend to market any cosmetic or medicated product that is not superior to others that are already on the market.   We set prices that are fair to our customers and guarantee a refund for the purchase price if you are not satisfied with the product after use.