Our blog policies:

  1. We will not edit or delete any blog that is respectful of others.
  2. We will not present any professionally written blogs, nor will we pay for any testimonials on the blog site.
  3. We will categorize the blogs as we bring new skin care products to market. We are starting with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm which turns ugly bruises into pleasant pink and then helps them to disappear.  We plan to introduce superior products such as SOOTHE-IT® and EPSOMA® for itch relief, KISS-IT® antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, and THE PATCHtm and NIXITtm for acne and skin blemishes.
  4. We like to know at least your first name and initial of your family name, your email address (so that we can respond privately when appropriate), the nature of your skin problem and its treatment (e.g. how long bruises usually last, how quickly did BRUISE FADEAWAYtm turn the ugly bruise into a pleasant pink color), your activity or prior activity in life (e.g. teacher, truck driver, physician, etc.) what city or state you live in, and the date of your blog.
  5. We appreciate receiving suggestions for improvements in our products.

Please list your blog in one of the categories outlined below:

  • Bruises (Market launch August 2016)
  • Itch Relief (Prior Test Market responses, plan to be on market soon)
  • Owies (Coming)
  • Acne (Coming)

Many thanks,  Ray Hauser, PhD,  Founder of SatisPHARMA, LLC