Bruises are the result of broken blood capillaries beneath the skin, usually caused by impact.  The skin is relatively transparent, and bruises may be red-brown, blue-black, or shades in between.  The blood in the broken capillaries coagulates and just sits there until assimilated back in the blood stream over a period of weeks.

Folks using blood thinners, taking cortisones and persons with thin skin are particularly susceptible to bruising, and this is more common among us older folks.

The colorful part of blood is hemoglobin, a chelate of iron within a protein matrix called heme.  Blood is red when the hemoglobin is full oxidized and bluish when depleted of oxygen.  A bruise may be a mixture of these colors. It might be innocuous; it is often ugly and embarrassing; it is sometimes painful.

Since getting a triple bypass at age 65 and then a stent at age 82, I’ve been on blood thinners a long time, and my wife often takes aspirin as a preventative.  We are both susceptible to easy bruising, often not knowing when it occurred or what was the cause.  Using my chemical background, I set about to see what could be done to facilitate fading of the skin discoloration and her hand is photographed below before and after about twelve treatments with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm over an 80 hour period.

BRUISE FADEAWAYtm works best when applied every hour of two during the day in order to provide a fresh supply of emollients and to hydrate the skin.  It should cover fully the bruised area plus about ½” peripherally to maximize the effects.  The clear treatment is slightly tacky a few minutes after application, and a dab of face powder can mask the bruise quickly.  An evening application is very helpful.  In most people, a superficial bruise will be faded to non-obtrusive appearance within two to four days after application; a deep bruise of a large bruise may take more time.  If a bruise can be caught early, it can usually be faded more quickly. Human skin is highly variable and individual results with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm may vary with each user. Thin skin often bruises more easily, but BRUISE FADEAWAYtm can penetrate thin skin more quickly.

Smaller and a pleasant pink after about twelve treatments to the two bruises on the hand. Wrist bruise was not treated and was still purple after the second photo.

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