How did BRUISE FADEAWAYtm happen?

About 80 million in the U.S. are on aspirin or prescription blood thinners, others use cortisones, and all are subject to easy and frequent bruising.  My wife and I are both in this category.  Using some of my PhD chemical engineering background, I addressed the bruising problem and came up with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm.

Though not an ailment or disease, an ugly black and blue bruise can be embarrassing and it may take two weeks or longer to fade.  BRUISE FADEAWAYtm helps to turn a black and blue bruise to disappear in half the normal time. An immediate mask can be accomplished by dabbing a favorite face powder onto a fresh application of BRUISE FADEAWAYtm.

Smaller and a pleasant pink after about twelve treatments to the two bruises on the hand. Wrist bruise was not treated and was still purple a week after the second photo.
Both photos are dated.

Other Skin Treatments

Years ago, I had a rash on my lower legs that the dermatologist said was topical eczema and actinic keratosis. He prescribed a cortisone, and I looked for alternatives. I came up with a simple formulation that not only relieved the itch, but actually removed the spots of the actinic keratosis. Thus, we hope to soon introduce Epsoma® and Soothe-It ® anti-itch treatments. Kiss-It ® is a first-aid cream designed for owies. We are also attempting to come up with improved treatments for skin blemishes such as acne.

Ray Hauser, Managing Director