Bruises gone in half the normal time*
Superior to natural and drugstore bruise treatments.

Bruise-beforeFigure 1, Three severely bruised areas in right hand of inventor’s wife, prior to treatments applied to the two bruises on the hand.  The bruise on the wrist was not treated.

Bruise-afterFigure 2, Photograph of same hand after one evening treatment and then three treatments each of four days, showing that the wrist bruise was still black & blue and the hand bruises had virtually disappeared. Bruises gone in half the time.

We don’t use Photoshop. These are the untouched photos of the wife of the BRUISE FADEAWAYtm inventor. Connie had three concurrent bruises on her right hand and wrist. The two hand bruises were treated twelve times with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm during 80 hours; the wrist bruise was not treated. The treated bruises became smaller in half the time. The wrist bruise was still black and blue and remained black and blue for another week.

After many formulas and after customer trials of pre-market samples, we introduced a superior formula of BRUISE FADEAWAYtm

Clininically Tested, no skin irritation
Dermatologist recommended

Handy Roll-on applicator, 10 Grams
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*Every skin is different and individual results may vary.  Some bruises disappear faster, large, deep bruises may take longer.


  • It works!
  • Odorless, water-soluble
  • Easy, clean application with handy roll-on vial
  • Base for immediate bruise mask with favorite face powder
  • Clinically tested, dermatologist recommended
  • Clear solution, slight honey color
  • About 500 applications on 2” diameter, 1” bruise
  • Faster Fading

Safe, Quality Ingredients
in new formula:

–  Edible vegetable glycerin*    57%
–  Water                                   11%
–  Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether*
pH adjustment/chelates
–  Ethylenedinitrotetracetic acid*
–  Ascorbic acid*
–  Urea*
–  Lactic acid*
–  Polysorbate 80*
–  Sorbitan monooleate*
–  Phenoxyethanol*
–  Diazolidone urea (Germall+)*

*Listed by Food & Drug Administration as acceptable for use on skin