SatisPHARMA, LLC is a start-up cosmetic and pharmaceutical company, the brainchild of Ray L. Hauser, PhD, and veteran of twelve startups (no initial outside investor has ever lost any money in any of his companies).   He has degrees in chemical engineering from Illinois, Yale and Colorado.  Dr. Hauser was a rocket scientist with Martin-Marietta Corporation from 1957-1961 and was Chief Materials Engineer on the Titan ICBM program when it had its two first launches (both successful) in 1958.  He was a co-founder of Hauser Laboratories (1961-1999) and of Hauser Chemical Research, Inc. (1983-2000), both located in Boulder, Colorado.  The latter company extracted and purified Taxol for Bristol-Myers Squibb for their third stage clinical trials as cancer treatments.

Ray Hauser is named on 30 U.S. Patents (first was 2,705,691, a 1951 invention for a Method for Bonding to Teflon) and he has several patent applications in process.  He is a Fellow of three professional scientific/engineering societies.

SatisPHARMA, LLC was started as a family-funded company during its development phase.  On June 28, 2013 it launched a test market campaign offering 1000 free samples each of ® and Epsoma® skin lotions.  Consumers have responded with requests for treatment of a variety of skin problems, particularly acne, eczema, Topical Steroid Addiction, Diabetic Nerve Pain and Actinic Keratosis.  Their Testimonials came in, providing confidence of a large market for these products when we go into full-scale marketing.

Our first product launch is BRUISE FADEAWAYtm, a cosmetic formulation addressing the needs of 80 million folks on blood thinners that bruise easily and frequently.

Market Prospects

Acne                                                                   40-50 million are currently affected, $2 billion/year market
Eczema                                                               10% of U.S. population have experienced eczema, about 10 million
Diabetic Nerve Pain                                            10 million
Actinic Keratosis                                                 10 million
Chicken Pox                                                         500,000/year
Diaper Rash                                                         8 million doctor visits/year
Bug Bites, Plant Poisons, Sunburn                     uncounted
Pet Itches                                                             uncounted

Our business plan projects sales of $50 million/year the fifth year after funding with a Reg. D offering, planned to follow a successful sales record with BRUISE FADEAWAYtm.

Intellectual Property

Patents: Patent 9,011,934 “Multi-Purpose Anti-Itch Treatment” Patent Application 9,452,178, “Pressure Sensitive Patches for Delivery of Acne Formulations.” Notices of Allowance reserved August 2, 2016.

Trademarks Registered: ® (4,424,379), Epsoma® (4,372,631), KISS-IT® (4,568,089) and NIXIT® (4,702,062) .
Trademark applications in process:  BRUISE FADEAWAYtm, NIXZIT™ and ™ and JOIN US ON CLOUD NINE™.

Logo:  blue sky and white clouds context for labels and communications.

Technology base and preliminary formulations show prospects for addressing problems of jock itch, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, razor burn and other skin problems.